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A great party needs great party entertainment. Normally the most economical and versatile way of providing this is with the services of a Mobile Disco and a experienced party DJ. However what the DJ plays is crucial to a successful evening as its only possible to play between 15 - 22 music tracks per hour, so selecting the right music tracks is essential. Sending your DJ a long playlist of your favourite music is often a bad idea as on the night your guests will want to hear other stuff as their tastes will be different. The exception to this is teenagers parties when generally everyone will like the current charts from a particular style, ie the latest R&B or Indie or club tunes etc. However for general parties such as a Wedding, guests will include a wide range of ages and tastes in music and the selection will need to be more of a mix. Asking your guests to suggest a few songs is also not a good idea as the DJ needs to know who asked for what to ensure they are in the room when its played. The best party music playlist is made up from about 20 of your favourite tracks the greatest tracks in a similar style and loads and loads of requested music tracks on the night.

When we first started records came in 7 and 12 inch sized discs, which were expensive and heavy to carry around, so A Dj was limited by what could be carried and what could be afforded. Today easily downloadable and more affordable music means that most Mobile DJs will have many thousands of music tracks to choose from. The trick is knowing what's a hit and what's best to miss out. To select the correct music for your party an experienced party DJ will read the audience, and match the music to the occasion and the audience.To learn how to read an audience takes years and the experience of performing at all kinds of different occasions.

Its not just what's played but when its played that's important timing is everything. If its a 18th birthday with only friends of the same age, then the music mix will be mostly the latest club and top chart tunes. Its also best to go for a hot start and not to waste time with a slow build up, as soon as people arrive the party starts. If its a 18th birthday party that includes many older and younger family members then the music will also include more golden oldies and classic dance floor fillers. We will also try to avoid the current club tunes which include graphic lyrics and start the music at a lower volume so the family can have a chance to chat. for more formal functions like a wedding party or dinner dance the the music should be low key to begin with and build to a crescendo later when everyone has had a chance to relax and are ready for some dance floor action.

When you confirm a booking with Pro Mobile Disco we invite you to send us a list of your favourite music and we always endeavor to fill any holes in our collection. A list of about 10 - 20 tunes is perfect and we always love to take requests on the night as this gets everyone involved and helps build the party atmosphere. However very long DJ play lists do not work, selecting the right music mix is something that can only ever be judge correctly on the night. The exception to this is teenagers parties and school prom nights when its best to let everyone feel they have complete ownership of the event and to choose the exact music to be played. This age group will often love what they like and hate anything ese so there is no point wasting time with a music selection that will not work.

If you are planning a theme night party pro mobile disco can supply dynamite 70s DJs and 80s music DJ for a fantastic retro music theme party.