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A great way to hire a cheap mobile disco that wont leave you disappointed is to ask your best friend who also happens to be a highly professional and experienced mobile DJ to perform at your function for mates rates. The problem with this suggestion is why would a professional DJ do this. Most parties are at the weekend so giving up a top money earning slot is financial suicide. Working for free on a Saturday night can be like giving up a whole weeks wages. After all think about what you do for a living and would you work for a lot less or for free just because your friend asked you to.

Ask some of your other friends who might be builders, plumbers, lawyers, accountants, car mechanics etc would they provide their services for free or at drastically reduced prices. The truth is any person providing a professional level of service will always expect to be compensated for their time and effort and a DJ is no different. The exception to this is when your friend who claims to be a professional DJ is really just a bedroom DJ and wants to experiment with a live audience to gain some experience.

95% of the last minute frantic phone calls we get asking for help are because a mate who was supposed to do the disco hasn't turned up or has pulled out at the last minute with a lame excuse. These calls are often because a friend of a friend arranged the DJ who has now said they are going elsewhere, even bedroom DJs get invited to other parties or realise they cant match up to the pressure of a live show and bottle out.

Unless your DJ friend is a very good friend and not just a casual acquaintance and really is a professional mobile party DJ with a 'show must go on' attitude, its not worth taking the risk of testing your relationship and spoiling your night with cheap mobile disco hire.

For genuinely low cost mobile disco hire that is worth every penny, and reliable party djs that will not let you down contact the party professionals at Pro Mobile Disco.